New office of Herbalife Ukraine Ltd Project in Kiev

  • Category: Offices and Furniture
  • Client: Herbalife Ukraine Ltd
  • Project date: 26 October, 2009

Reference Letter Text

With this letter Herbalife Ukraine company expresses its respect to the staff of Office Solutions Ltd, namely the project manager of the new Herbalife office Medvedev Andrey and the main developer of the design project Totskaya Alena, for their invaluable contribution and participation in the implementation of the Herbalife company headquarters project in Ukraine.

At the first stages of the project OS staff conducted an extensive consultation on the potential offices, assessed the cost of work and materials, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the allocated premises, as well as assessing the timing of implementation.

In the shortest time Alena Totskaya developed a design project for the exhibition part of the office, which became one of the best design projects of Herbalife offices in the world. The work was carried out with a group of specialist designers from the main Herbalife office in Los Angeles. All standards, rules of decoration and elements of corporate style of the company were complied with.

Want to emphasize the high professionalism of the above specialists, high speed of reaction, and attention to the staff of Herbalife involved in the project. It is also worth noting the communication qualities of these employees, which allowed them to quickly find the right solutions to issues, which in turn allowed the project to be quickly put into practice.

We are grateful to all participants of this project for their good work and are ready to recommend these specialists for future projects.