Furniture for Lime Distribution Ltd Office in Kiev

  • Category: Offices and Furniture
  • Client: Lime Distribution Ltd
  • Project date: 17 April, 2008

Reference Letter Text

With this letter, the management of the company "Lime Distribution" would like to thank the employees of the Group Company for their help in organizing the workspace, layout and manufacture of office furniture for the accounting room.

In a fairly limited space, the KAV Group experts helped to arrange 4 workstations, and later to install furniture made similar to the Italian furniture already installed in the office earlier.

The furniture fit in with the whole concept, as well as practically did not differ from the Italian original, which helped to save money on workplace organization.

We are grateful to the KAV Group specialists for the original and cost-effective solution for the organization of workplaces in the office.

KAV Group LLC is a company providing high quality services for the production of standard and non-standard furniture, and we can confidently recommend them.